Want to build a big e-mail list? This is a fun way to learn how!

Every year for the last few years, summer has been extra fun and profitable because of a great FREE program teaching massive list building skills. My friend PJ Van Hulle has been hosting List-a-Palooza for a while and it has become something I really look forward to! Each week through the summer (till the end of August!), she has a couple of guest speakers teaching an important aspect or new method to building and maintaining your list. Then there is a day set aside specifically for networking Read more [...]

This fresh release of my favorite landing page software has me so excited to share!

We ALL know that landing pages are a vital necessity to any online business. Whether you are a coach, a marketer, a store, or whatever...if you have an online presence you NEED a way to create awesome opt in pages, sales pages and other fabulous landing pages and your all-important marketing funnel. Nothing is a bigger turn off than ugly, unprofessional web pages. (Well, ok, there ARE some that are bigger turn offs to most of us...but that's probably not the kind of business you are in. ;) ) Several Read more [...]

Let’s Get ANTI-social! Remove distractions so you can get in your zone.

The 15 Day Freedom Blog Challenge for today is to block distractions! Wow, that’s a hard one. Let’s see…my biggest distractions are the husband, the kid, and the dog. I don’t think there’s an app for any of those distractions! LOL I already use noise-cancelling headphones to get in my zone with Spotify. I spend my days working hard while jamming away to Lecrae, Toby Mac or the Newsboys usually. That helps to block out most of the distractions around me that I can’t otherwise control. The Read more [...]

Using apps in your business and life to improve your productivity

I make pretty good use of apps already. I currently use Gmail for “everything;” even my professional email accounts pull into it. I use my Google calendar for organizing my life and it is synced to my mobile phone because otherwise I will totally forget. My phone is also synced to Facebook events, so if I have said I am going somewhere it puts it on my Google calendar and reminds me! For my business I use TeamWork. It allows my business manager or me to add and assign tasks, track time, and Read more [...]

What are your most important actions for each day?

I am working my way through a couple of challenges. One of them is the 15 Day Blog Challenge. It’s not your usual “just write a post today” challenges. Natalie Sisson gives specific steps for each day that are not only getting me to write a blog post, but are also giving specific steps to building the whole business. Today’s challenge was on MIA, Most Important Actions. The point was to ask yourself what is the number one most important thing you can do to for your business or your life Read more [...]

The value of a daily routine

A vitally important part of getting your business and your life organized is to start your day off right with a plan and to establish a daily routine! I’m a bit of a morning person, and I get up before the sun, so my morning routine may not be ideal or normal…but it works for me. I thought I would let you know how my day goes. Just in case you ever wondered. :) First thing I do is drink some water! I read a while back that water wakes up your organs and your body much better than caffeine Read more [...]

Scratch that WordPress maintenance reminder off your to-do list!

If you have a WordPress website, one of the vital, but tedious, components of managing it is updating plugins, deleting spam comments and making sure there is no hacking going on. And what if you should happen to get hacked? Or if the latest WordPress update breaks a vital plugin or even your theme? Well, that would sure throw a big wrench in your list of things to get accomplished today! Did you know that we can take all of this off of your plate? Whew…that’s a load off, huh! No more Read more [...]

What to do with your old domain?

With the New Year and all the organizing and business planning that goes on, many business owners make a decision to change their website from an old URL to one that better reflects their current business model. This is a great idea, but there is always a question about what to do with that old URL. Your gut instinct might be to just toss it out, let it expire, and start fresh. If you never did anything with it, then that is a perfect option. But what if you did? What if you worked hard to Read more [...]

Organize your office space to suit you and your business, and dream a little too!

Office styles vary as much as business types do. But the one thing that they should all have in common is that they fit the owner’s needs and business. Since we are talking about getting your business organized this month, your office is something that you may need to organize as well. Let’s start with the question “What does your ideal office space look and feel like?” Mine would include a wall of windows looking over a beautiful landscape of some sort. (Trees, hills, mountains, beach…I’m Read more [...]

Warning! Web hosting domain expiration scam circulating!

One of my clients received a very real sounding email that claimed to be a last chance warning to prevent her domain from expiring. She asked me about it because she had just bought the domain a few months ago and it was purchased for at least a year. A little bit of research showed this email to be a phishing scam. According to Scam.com, it goes something like this: The owner of this “company” has looked up your domain registration info. They send you an email that is nicely crafted Read more [...]