Resort websites and why can’t I find what I am looking for???

Just how important is it to have an impressive website? How many potential customers do you lose because your website looks like crap? Have you ever asked yourself this question before? I found myself on the other end of that last night. I've been thinking of planning a fun family vacation for this summer and was looking for some resort properties near an amusement park not terribly far from my home. My first choice is Silver Dollar City in Branson, MO, because its just a few hours away and we Read more [...]

What’s all this about WordPress websites anyway?

If you have ever looked at the back of a website you saw some pretty strange looking stuff. That stuff is the language that makes it work, the language that creates the beauty your eyes see on the screen, the language that makes a contact form or an opt-in form actually do something. Before you saw it, you may have thought building a website was as simple as building a document in Word or Publisher. Then you saw all that code, as it’s generally called, and panicked. So you hired a tech Read more [...]

A New Year and New Goals

Once again, I’m rethinking my whole business model. I’ve focused in on WordPress web design and not virtual assistance. I’m hiring my own assistant and kicking my business into high gear. 2013 was a great year for me, mostly because of this refocusing. (Want the same tips that have helped me do this? Start following Sandi Krakowski on Facebook and Twitter...the woman's a genius!) Now it’s the New Year…hard to believe its 2014! And it’s time to set goals! Bold, broad, bodacious goals! Read more [...]

Forgiveness and Trusting God in All Situations

Over the last year I have come to understand the concept of forgiveness. You see, my oldest son was shot in the face a year ago yesterday in a mugging. It was one of the hardest days of my life. Never have I been so scared and so full of faith all at the same time. I knew God has a plan for his life, so the call from his father that he thought he might be dead was shattering. Once I had it firmly in my mind that he had indeed been injured and life-flighted to a nearby hospital, the first thing I Read more [...]

October Blog Challenge — Here I go!

I am so bad. I tell my clients how important it is to have their website in tiptop shape and to be blogging regularly, but I don’t do it myself. My website is in a constant state of upheaval, because I’m always deciding to redesign it. My blog…ha…I don’t think I’ve posted a darn thing on it in ages. But hey, it goes way back! At least my original blog did. I have moved my posts around a bit from Blogger to another website and eventually to here. I’m still not entirely sure that this Read more [...]

A change is in the air…

The summer here in southwest Missouri has been very strange. Temperatures have been fairly low and rain levels have been high. Its been a complete opposite of the last couple of summers, with blazing hot temperatures and worsening drought. Seems like a breakthrough has happened in our local weather, and likewise I feel like a breakthrough has happened with my business. The change that is afoot is not just autumn, but also changes with my business style. I have recently completed a free 30 day Read more [...]

Coordinating Your Thanksgiving Feast With Your Home-Based Business

Most professionals get to enjoy a day or two extra off from work when Thanksgiving rolls around—often with pay. Some professions have to work, such as medical personnel, police, and many retail outlets, but they often receive extra pay because of it. What about home-based business owners? How do they manage around the holidays? Simply put—they either work or they don’t make as much money as usual. This is one of the draw-backs of being your own boss. It’s right up there with working when Read more [...]

The reason why…

I've been feeling very down, disgruntled, depressed and disorganized lately. Just occurred to me the reason why, it’s been weeks since I started my day with Scripture. I'll admit, I've never been the most diligent when it comes to reading the Word and I can’t seem to get into published “devotionals” which many people find very helpful. I discovered a while back that getting daily scripture into my email box worked well for me. But lately I’ve had so much clutter in my inbox that I guess Read more [...]

Prayer of a Work-at-Home Mom

Borrowed from a fellow work-at-home mom. Enjoy!

Prayer of a Work at Home Mom


86 days…

That's how long it takes for a town brought to its knees to shake off the dirt, create a grand plan and get children back into school on the same day that they would have returned had that May tornado never developed. While the last few days of school were canceled because more than half of the districts school buildings and other properties were damaged or destroyed, it has only taken 86 days to do what seemed impossible. Empty warehouses, a former department store and a building or two that housed Read more [...]